PERA Information

Please find information regarding PERA on this page.  Information specific to Mascoutah School District will be added as it is made available to the MEA.

The ISBE website provides a great deal of information regarding PERA.  Explanation of PERA from the ISBE website:

“In 2010, Gov. Pat Quinn signed the Performance Evaluation Reform Act (PERA), which requires all schools in Illinois to change how teachers’ and principals’ performance is measured.  PERA requires districts to design and implement performance evaluation systems that assess teachers’ and principals’ professional skills as well as incorporate measures of student growth.”

District Initiative Action Teams

Common Assessment Team Members:

  • Administration: Randy Blakely (MES), Sandy Jouglard (MHS) & Nancy Seibert
  • MES: Sue Bean, Rachael Bearth, Tressa Hill, Dan Underwood & Julie Williams
  • SES: Joseph Ballard, Karen Detering & Christa Whetstone
  • MMS: Elisha Behrman, Lauren Studley & Ann Lee
  • MHS: Tiffany Conzelman, Jessica Holtgrewe & Kellen Kettwich

Instructional Model Team Members:

  • Administration: Fritz Holcomb (SES), Karen Mulvihill (MMS) & Susanne Riechmann (SES)
  • MES: Jayson Baker, Deb Jones & Kelli Reese
  • SES: Stephanie Grommet & Holly Reeves
  • MMS: Ericka Levrault, Lee Allison Wilson & Laura Yarber
  • MHS: Andrea Barriger, Michelle Stacy, Elizabeth Usselmann & Chrissy Velino

Teacher Evaluation Team Members:

  • Administration: Sandra Littiken (MES), Bob Stone (MMS), Sandy Sweeney (ASC) & Brandon Woodrome (MHS)
  • MES: Sue Bean, Kacey Hawkins & Mary Webb
  • SES: Erin Nelson, Lisa Sedlacek & Amber Turner
  • MMS: Michelle Haas, Joelle Macke & Caroline Maserang
  • MHS: Erin Edwards, Ron Hulliung & Kristen Link

Technology in Instruction Team Members:

  • Administration: Terry Gibbons (ASC), Debra Parkinson (ASC) & Cindy Presnell (ASC)
  • Technology: Sharon Renois (ASC) & Scott Walthes (MHS)
  • MES: Vicki Hall & Mary Webb
  • SES: Kathryn Aitken, Kelly Caterino, Leah Kennemer & Nikki Schaffer
  • MMS: Leah Gregory, Tara Laidley & Laura Lebryk
  • MHS: Scott Doehring, Brandon Goode, Sarah Jansen & Melanie Kassing

Student Growth Team Members:

  • Barb Elmore (SES)
  • Cheryl Kirby (SES)
  • Rhonda Ross (MMS)

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