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Your MEA leadership wants to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us.

Please remember that your Building Rep is your first line of communication.

Executive Officers

  • President: Barb Elmore (SES)
  • Vice President: Suzanne Petersen (MES)
  • Secretary: Alicia Suedmeyer (MES)
  • Treasurer: Danette Butler (MHS)

Building Representatives

  • MES: Alicia Suedmeyer & Deb Jones
  • SES: Kathy Lickenbrock & Mary Neisler
  • WES: Lori Shea
  • MMS: Xander Hardt & Allison Cummins
  • MHS: Danette Butler & Elizabeth Usselmann

MEA Committees & Committee Members

  • Negotiations: Alana Fanous (MES), Alicia Suedmeyer (MES), Suzanne Petersen (MES), Barb Elmore (SES), Lisa Foster (SES), Mary Neisler (SES), Nikki Schaefer, Stephanie Grommet (SES), Holly Brown, Pam Rohr (SES), Rob Schroeder (MMS),  Ron Hulliung (MHS), Jessica Holtgrewe, and Xander Hardt (MMS)
  • Calendar: Alana Fanous (MES), Megan Jurs, Mary Neisler (SES), Ty Smith, Karen Kemp (MHS)
  • Scholarship: Mary Neisler (SES), Lori Shea (WES), Leah Gregory (MMS), Lee-Alison Wilson (MMS), and Anna Jenkins (MHS)
  • Sick Leave Bank: Kristi Luetkemyer (MMS), Lori Shea (WES), Kathy Lickenbrock (SES) and Erin Edwards (MHS)
  • Political Action: Alana Fanous (MES)
  • RIF: Kathy Lickenbrock (SES), Lisa Foster (SES), Amy Schubert, and Anna Jenkins (MHS)
  • Grievance: Barb Elmore (SES), Cheryl Kirby (SES), Rhonda Ross (MMS)
  • Insurance Committee: Scott Simon (SES), Barb Elmore (SES), Alana Fanous (MES), Mark Blunt (MMS), & Tiffany Conzelman (MHS)
  • IEA Region Council: Barb Elmore (SES)
  • Membership Chair:  Erin Edwards (MHS)

IEA Region 4 Representatives from MEA

  • 2016 IEA Representative Assembly Delegates:  Barb Elmore (SES), Lisa Foster (SES), & Mary Neisler (SES)
  • 2015 NEA Representative Assembly Delegate:  Barb Elmore (SES)

IEA UniServ Director – Region 04

Tammy Houghland

1012 Plummer Driver, Suite 400

Edwardsville, IL 62025

800-462-6213 or 618-656-0010

Website Contact: MES – Alicia Suedmeyer (suedmeyera@msd19.org or suedz2@yahoo.com)

If you have an idea for the website, want to share a story, suggest content, or just give some feedback, please contact me through the email above.

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