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Your MEA leadership wants to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us.

Please remember that your Building Rep is your first line of communication.

Executive Officers

  • President: Barb Elmore (SES)
  • Vice President: Suzanne Petersen (MES)
  • Secretary: Alicia Suedmeyer (MES)
  • Treasurer: Danette Butler (MHS)

Building Representatives

  • MES: Kathryn Gass & Kelli Reese
  • SES: Lisa Foster & Jamie Brown
  • WES: Mary Ann Kolda
  • MMS: Xander Hardt & Carrie Maserang
  • MHS: Elizabeth Usselmann & Mary Neisler

MEA Committees & Committee Members

  • Calendar: Kathryn Gass (MES), Megan Jurs, Jessica Holtgrewe (SES), Kelli Reese (MES)
  • Scholarship: Tiffany Marcinkowski, Kelli Reese, Jessica Ward, Beth Twenhafel
  • Sick Leave Bank: Kristi Luetkemyer (MMS), Lori Shea (WES), Lindsay Heffernan, Carrie Maserang
  • Political Action: Lisa Foster (SES)
  • RIF: Anna Jenkins (MHS), Jessica Holtgrewe (SES), Mary Neisler (MHS)
  • TRS: Elizabeth Usselman, Amy Schubert
  • Community Outreach: Erin Edwards (MHS), Jessica Holtgrewe (SES), Tiffany Marcinkowski, Jessica Ward
  • Membership Chair:  Erin Edwards (MHS)

IEA UniServ Director – Region 04

Tammy Houghland

1012 Plummer Driver, Suite 400

Edwardsville, IL 62025

800-462-6213 or 618-656-0010

Website Contact: MES – Alicia Suedmeyer (suedmeyera@msd19.org or suedz2@yahoo.com)

If you have an idea for the website, want to share a story, suggest content, or just give some feedback, please contact me through the email above.

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