Our MEA Leadership

Your MEA leadership wants to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us.

Please remember that your Building Rep is your first line of communication.

Executive Officers

  • President: Ron Hulliung (MHS)
  • Vice President: Suzanne Peterson (MES)
  • Secretary: Michelle Jackson (MMS)
  • Treasurer: Danette Butler (MHS)

Building Representatives

  • MES: Kelli Reese, Megan Vitale, & Dean Wombacher
  • SES: Barb Elmore & Lisa Foster
  • WES: MaryAnn Kolda
  • MMS: Xander Hardt, Michelle Haas, & John Schauble
  • MHS: Jamie Corbier, Sarah Gordon, Mary Neisler, & Elizabeth Usselmann

MEA Committees & Committee Members

  • Calendar Committee: Lisa Foster, Jessica Holtgrewe, Suzanne Petersen, John Schnable
  • Scholarship Committee: Erin Aten, Caroline Campbell, Nancy Frey, Amy Simon
  • Sick Leave Bank: Caroline Campbell, Lisa Foster, Mary Neisler, Kristy Luetkemyer
  • Political Action: Lisa Foster 
  • RIF Committee: Barb Elmore, Mary Neisler
  • TRS: Elizabeth Usselman, Amy Schubert
  • Community Outreach: Jessica Holtgrewe, Brandy Meyer, Jessica Ward, Neshala Warner
  • Membership & Election Chair:  Erin Aten
  • Legislative Chair: Mary DeLeonardis
  • Region 4 Representative: Caroline Campbell

IEA UniServ Director – Region 04

Eric Scott

Website Contact:

Jamie Corbier (corbierj@msd19.org or jlcorbier3@gmail.com)

  • If you have an idea for the website, want to share a story, suggest content, or just give some feedback, please contact me through the email above.

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