2020 Election Results

Thank you to everyone who ran for positions in the MEA this year! Congratulations to our newly elected positions!

Executive Officers

  • President: Ron Hulliung (MHS)
  • Vice President: Suzanne Peterson (MES)
  • Secretary: Michelle Haas-Jackson (MMS)
  • Treasurer: Danette Butler (MHS)

Building Representatives

  • MES: Kelli Reese, Megan Vitale, & Dean Wombacher
  • SES: Barb Elmore & Lisa Foster
  • WES: MaryAnn Kolda
  • MMS: Xander Hardt, Michelle Haas, & John Schauble
  • MHS: Jamie Corbier, Sarah Gordon, Mary Neisler, & Elizabeth Usselmann

MEA Committees & Committee Members

  • Calendar Committee: Lisa Foster, Jessica Holtgrewe, Suzanne Petersen, John Schnable
  • Scholarship Committee: Erin Aten, Caroline Campbell, Nancy Frey, Amy Simon
  • Sick Leave Bank: Caroline Campbell, Lisa Foster, Mary Neisler, Kristy Luetkemyer
  • Political Action: Lisa Foster 
  • RIF Committee: Barb Elmore, Mary Neisler
  • TRS: Elizabeth Usselman, Amy Schubert
  • Community Outreach: Jessica Holtgrewe, Brandy Meyer, Jessica Ward, Neshala Warner
  • Membership & Election Chair:  Erin Aten
  • Legislative Chair: Mary DeLeonardis
  • Region 4 Representative: Caroline Campbell