Early Intervention Rally

Yesterday Alli Cummins and Rhonda Ross attended the Early Intervention Rally at the Capitol building in Springfield to represent MEA and hear our voices heard about the cuts to the program and nonpayment to the individuals that serve as providers for these most delicate members of our communities.
The crowd numbered over 1000 and many of the legislators heard our cry, “Early Intervention Saves Lives” and “Babies Can’t Wait!”. Representative Greg Harris brought Bill 4150 to the House that afternoon which allows for the Appropriates $2 from the General Revenue Fund to the Executive Ethics Commission for its FY16 ordinary and contingent expenses. Effective July 1, 2015 in order to pay back payments to those providers of the Early Intervention program who have gone three months without reimbursement and therefore, will allow them to continue providing the services need by these children and their families.
The Bill passed the House, but we need to continue to be vigilant in our efforts to hold the legislators accountable when it comes to decisions that effect the academic outcomes of our students. Please continue to voice your opinion to your elected officials on issues that effect education.

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