Updates . . .

NEGOTIATIONS: We have tentatively agreed on the majority of our contract language proposals; however, due to our UniServ Director’s special assignment outside of working with us, as well as her work with other local districts, our finance bargaining has been moved to the end of July.  (Note:  Our UniServ Director is the Negotiations Representative that IEA assigns to us).  Please keep checking your e-mail for updates.

NEA RA:   Our MEA Vice-President, Barb Elmore, recently attended the National Education Association Regional Assembly in Orlando, FL, in which over 120 New Business Items, Amendments, By-Laws, and Resolutions were debated and either approved or opposed.  Barb plans to give a brief report at the first membership meeting of the 2015-2016 school year.  She has also invited our Region 4 Chairperson, Debi Jo Klausing, to attend.  Please see Barb if you have any questions.

MEMBERSHIP DRIVE:   Please stay tuned for details regarding an MEA Get-together/Membership Drive after school resumes in August.  In the meantime, feel free to speak with any new hires in your department regarding MEA Membership!

WORKPLACE ISSUES: If you have ANY issues concerning your work environment, employment, etc., please see us immediately.  In some cases, time is of the essence.  If we need to file a grievance, we only have @ 15 working days.  NOTE:  Both the law & the contract are on your side, and rest assured that MEA has won more grievances than it has lost.

ADMINISTRATIVE MEETINGS:  If you are called into a meeting that might affect your employment status or upcoming evaluation, you have the right for an MEA member to be there.  These are the Weingarten Rights.  Julie and I have been trained to attend, but in case of an emergency, any member can go with you to take notes on what’s being said.  Please do NOT answer any potentially incriminating questions without MEA representation!

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